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GET RID OF PANDA EYES - Cure your Dark Circles

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GET RID OF PANDA EYES - Cure your Dark Circles

Dark Circles, fine lines and wrinkles are always the worst nightmares any woman can have. Many people tend to work till late night hours, ultimately getting dark circles, and some end up harming their eyes. Eyes are the sensitive body part and demand proper care and treatment. It is essential to take out some time for the body and skin care, and always be freshening up with the clean, healthy and glowing skin.

“Bright Eyes are the Mirror to your Soul.”  It is not only mandatory but a desire to have wonderful and healthy eyes. There might be various home remedies for the cure, but all is the game of time and preparing the material. Anyways, a big thanks to the cosmetic industry i.e. not only serving us with makeup products but also awesome products for our skin and body care.

Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel is a Blossom Kochhar product that suits almost all skin types and cures the dark circles. It includes ‘Aromatherapy Oils and Cosmetics- The Science of Wellness,” which helps prevent fine lines, lightens dark circles, reduces puffiness and rejuvenates the tired eyes. As suggested it is a gel-based product meant for the nourishment and care for the area under the eye. It is transparent in appearance and accompanied by a mild refreshing floral fragrance. It can be easily spread providing the even application. 

How to Apply?
Simply apply it under the eye every morning and before going to bed. Massage it gently with the fingertips. It provides a cooling and refreshing effect after application and is hydrating in nature.
What are the ingredients?
It consists of extracts from roses, flaxseed, green tea, lemon, Aloe Vera, and pure essential oils of witch hazel, fennel and chamomile.
Rose extracts moisturizes, repairs, smoothes and firms the delicate skin. Flaxseed extracts reduce and prevent wrinkles. Lemon extracts lighten the skin tone. Green tea repairs damaged tissue and Aloe Vera revitalize the skin. 
Witch hazel eliminates puffiness and tightens the skin. Fennel is high in amino acid, irons and essential oils and is a natural antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. Chamomile extracts soothe tired, irritated eyes and reduce dark circles. This eye gel has a mild fragrance and is easily absorbed in the skin. 
This Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel can easily be available online.
- Natural active ingredients
- Doesn’t cause infection
- Good for oily skin
- Act as a Moisturiser
- Refresh, nourish and soothe the skin
- Remove fine lines and make skin firmer
- Easily applicable
- Budget-friendly
- Not meant for intense dark circles
- Sometimes sticky after application


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